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What is the Mental Health Check?

It's our cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind tool to help you track your child's mental health. Trust us, we looked. No one else has this. Mental Health Check

Three times a day, a Mental Health Check will pop up on your child's Aqua One to ask age-appropriate, interactive, and thought-provoking questions. Created with the help of our clinical child psychologist, these questions will help your child accurately assess their mental health.

(An example question might be "Right now I'm feeling...." and your child can choose from a variety of answers including happy, loved, scared, annoyed, grateful, anxious, or sad.)

In your Parent Dashboard home view, you will be able to see a quick snapshot of your child's mood based on their most recent Mental Health Check responses. It could say "Maria is feeling happy" or "Joshua is feeling anxious" and will include relevant recommendations and tips to help you care for their mental health.

If you want to see the broader picture of your child's mental health, we're already one step ahead of you! You can access all their responses for the day or go to a previous date to check out their answers, giving you the ability to truly understand the state of your child's mental health.